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March 28, 2011


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OMG, the workmanship in that is just amazing. And to think how long it has lasted!

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It’s very good post! Congratulations! I really enjoyed to reading your blog. Very nice pictures of a very attractive woman. Her experience with fashion is so interesting coming from a perspective of modesty. Truly amazing it’s a wonderful. Good luck. Regards

Agenzia hostess torino

That’s pretty cool. That costume is look so pretty and the collar is a great. much creativity, and wonderful photograph. Outfit is perfect. It’s very good post! I really enjoyed your blog. Good luck

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I like the idea of restoring this clothes, so much appreciated.


Miami lasik surgery

120 years, this is so much time, and still resist, well good job for those who work on these dresses, so they can be worn at every show. It's a huge work and requires lot of meticulousness and care.

Mens Suits

gosh, it was so great, I really admire those who
worked for the restoration of that dress, it
was a tough job. Awesome!

boutique new era

I'f you're ever worked in a costume shop, you know how hard the stage, lights, and actors are on their costumes.

Black suits

Wow! more than a hundred years? this is totally amazing i can't imagine that costumes will last that long.


Survived more than 120 years. That really is a WOW. And the fact that it's green. My favorite color. I love it. Thank you for restoring it.

Paula Cooke

It is true that those costumes that are used in many plays should be taken cared of. This one to that of MacBeth must be preserved for the future generations to come.

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